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Why Should I Choose Your Service?

by Steve on 01/25/15

Before a customer becomes a customer, the question above is frequently asked. It is a critical part of the consumers buying decision and needs to be adequately answered if a business relationship is going to take place.

My first response is, "Are you happy with your current service and the price you pay". If the answer is yes, I will literally recommend that the person stay with that company. Why would you give up on something that is working? Invariably, however, the answer is some version of no. (Not surprising since we have been asked to leave a quote).    

At this point, all I can really do is tell the homeowner a little about our business and ask for an opportunity to prove our value. Everyone makes promises and, unless you personally know me, my promise doesn't carry much more weight than the next guys.

We try to offer some assurance with a money back guarantee. If you are ever unhappy with a treatment for any reason, we will refund the full cost of the application. No "proof" needed. To date, we have yet to issue a refund in the last 3 years.

You also have the comfort in knowing that I will personally be on your property for most every treatment throughout the year. I bring 27 years of professional lawn service experience and, although I don't have an answer for everything, I will work hard to find a solution to any problem.  

Lastly, we include everything you need in our program. One thing I have always hated is the "up sell" process. Whether it is cars, appliances, cell phone packages, etc., I hate the way "little" charges drive my price up or I am told at a later date that I need something extra which costs more. Also, I hate telemarketing my customers who I am sure have much more important things to do than get relentless sales calls from their lawn service.

There are other differences between us and our competitors. Like most service businesses, there are some really good companies out there and some really not so good ones. If you have been disappointed by a company, why not give someone else a chance? We won't disappoint you. I guarantee it.

Comments (4)

1. Sher said on 1/27/15 - 01:59PM
Approximately how many "application" are needed for a beautiful lawn?
2. Steve said on 1/27/15 - 07:32PM
Hi Sher, thanks for the great question. Some services offer as few as 4 applications while others offer 12 or more! My preference is 6. That allows me to be on your property every 5 weeks. This is important because that is about the time limit that I can control broadleaf weeds without re-application. The other issue is fertilizer and how much to use doing the season. Again, I think fertilizing every 5 weeks gives us the best color (without fading between applications) but also helps prevent excessive growth so you don't have to mow your lawn every 3 days. In the end, our preferences are not right or wrong. This is merely my experience in the industry and our customers seem to be very pleased with the results. Again, thanks for your comment.
3. Steve said on 1/27/15 - 07:38PM
FYI - I am not sure why my response published as a blob of a paragraph. I will try to figure it out. Sorry for any inconvenience.
4. Sher said on 1/27/15 - 09:58PM
Are products environmentally safe?

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