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When Do The Treatments Start?

by Steve on 02/13/15

For our company, the answer is usually the end of March or very beginning of April. We do this for 2 reasons. First, we want our products to provide their maximum efficacy. For instance, spraying weed control on non growing weeds is silly and wasteful. The same can be said for putting crabgrass control down on frozen turf.

The other reason is that this start time dovetails nicely with our 5 week treating schedule. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, we find 5 weeks to be the sweet spot for us from an application standpoint.

I suspect you will see some companies out treating in the next week or two. Usually, this is done because the company has a high number of customers and limited time to get their first application down. While this is not necessarily wrong, in my mind, it conflicts with what is best for the individual customer.

Another reason companies do this is to generate revenue and "lock down" their customer base. Obviously, if all you do is mow or provide lawn service, cash flow dwindles in the winter. The sooner revenue starts flowing the sooner the company can replace those winter losses.

As for customers, history tells us that the vast majority of people will continue with their service once the first application is completed. I think many people just don't want to bother canceling one service and then take the time to look for another. I think this probably applies to a lot of services homeowners enlist.

In the end, regardless of when the applications start, you should still look for the same results. A green, weed free lawn for the entire growing season. Whether that first treatment comes in February or April, don't accept anything less.    


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