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Watch for These Common Lawn Diseases in Indiana

by Steve on 03/24/21

Spring is right around the corner and it’s time to plan those backyard barbecues that practically define the warm-weather months. As the season draws near, you anxiously await those long summer afternoons spent with the family out on the lawn. Unfortunately, the crazy Indiana weather patterns provide the perfect breeding ground for some unsavory lawn diseases. If your lush green grass is looking a little limp or you’ve noticed unsightly brown spots, it could be an indication that your lawn is fighting some type of disease or infection. 

Symptoms to Watch For

Those brown patches in the grass on your lawn may not be just a harmless dead spot. Though your lawn has been lying dormant much of the winter, it’s still susceptible to many diseases and fungal infections. Knowing how to spot the symptoms of such conditions can allow you to treat the cause before it’s done extensive and costly damage. Here’s what to look for:

·       Discolored patches that grow - They may be yellow, brown, or even white in color and they’ll get bigger over time. These discolored patches can be oddly shaped or circular in nature.

·       Powdery coatings on grass – You may see a gray or black powdery substance on patches of grass. Often the area will also have a threadlike coating over the top, like a small spider web in the grass.

·       Limp grass with thin red “weeds” - If you see thin red strands protruding from the base of your grass, there may be an issue. It can look like red weeds or strings growing from under the blades.

·       Greasy Grass – You may find areas of dark slimy looking grass. There may be a single “wet area” or multiple areas throughout the lawn.

·       Thin distorted blades – It’s easier to identify than it sounds. You’ll see areas of grass that appear frayed, discolored, and misshapen. These areas are typically very thin instead of lush.

Causes of Lawn Disease

There are many naturally occurring fungus and spores in your lawn that may not be problematic. It doesn’t take much for a disease to erupt and spread like wildfire. Something as simple as overwatering or using the wrong type of fertilizer can spark the spread of fungus that can destroy your entire lawn in a single season. Weather conditions like temperature swings and high humidity can also be responsible for a yard full of sickly grass. Improper nutrient balance or simply cutting your grass too short can create prime conditions for fungus to develop and thrive.

Call the Professionals

Oasis Lawn Service helps people maintain a healthy beautiful lawn with excellent results. You can’t go wrong with professional service, easy-to-understand pricing, and a no-question- asked money-back guarantee. With more than two decades of experience and a green thumb on our side, Oasis Lawn Service wants to earn your business!

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