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Should I Seed In The Spring?

by Steve on 03/10/15

Possibly. If the areas you want to seed are smaller than your outstretched hand, there really is no need. A good fertilizer program will fill most of those areas in throughout the spring.

If, however, you have large bare areas, you probably don't have much choice. Not seeding those areas will likely result in weeds dominating and spreading throughout the lawn. Of course, looking at dirt all year is not much of an option so why not give it a shot? 

There are two problems with spring seeding. First, as soon as the lawn comes in, the summer heat will put a great amount of pressure on it. Also, weeds will want to germinate as much as the new grass will and it is sometimes difficult to control them without damaging the new turf.

So, if you can wait, the fall is the best time to seed. Much less weed and environmental pressure and, if seeded early, more than mature enough to survive the winter.

Most bags of seed sold will say "sunny mix" or "shade mix" to give you an idea as to which type to use. In our area, we primarily use a mixture of bluegrass and ryegrass. Keep in mind, seeding does not have to be a big chore! Many times in the fall we will rake seed into the bare areas at no extra charge. You can just sprinkle the seed by hand and water it in if you prefer. Keep it simple and easy and it is much more likely to be done. Good luck!


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