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Residential Lawn Care Mistakes You Need To Avoid

by Steve on 06/24/21

For years, American homeowners have had a love affair with their lawns. Over 75% of the homes in the United States have a lawn. The homeowners who are lucky enough to have a residence surrounded by green lush grass work very hard to keep it maintained. One of the main mistakes most homeowners make is trying to handle the work involved in maintaining a lawn on their own.

In most cases, hiring experienced landscaping professionals is the best way to ensure a lawn is taken care of properly. These professionals can help you avoid common mistakes that may damage your lawn in the long run. Below are some of these residential lawn care mistakes and what you need to do to avoid them. 

Overwatering Your Grass Can Be Extremely Problematic

Water is one of the main things grass needs to thrive. However, there is a major difference between giving your lawn enough water and completely overwatering it. If you want to keep your grass looking great this summer, you have to learn how to avoid overwatering. In most cases, your grass needs around one inch of rainwater a week to stay healthy. Overwatering your grass can lead to it getting discolored. Putting too much water on your lawn can also create a breeding ground for pests.

The best way to avoid overwatering your lawn is by investing in a state-of-the-art sprinkler system. With this sprinkler system, you can accurately dial in how much water to provide your grass with on a daily basis.

Soil Compaction Should Be Addressed Immediately

If the roots of your grass are unable to get the proper amount of hydration and nutrients, it is only a matter of time before brown patches of dead grass start to surface. Soil compaction is a problem that occurs when a lawn gets a lot of foot traffic or is exposed to the weight of heavy machinery. This constant pressure will push down on the soil and will hamper root growth.

Rather than allowing soil compaction to kill your grass, you need to take action. Professional soil aeration is a great way to solve this problem. Ideally, you want to have this aeration performed annually to avoid compaction issues.

Avoid Cutting Your Grass Too Short

Another common mistake that homeowners make with their lawn is cutting the grass too short. If your grass is cut too short, it will be hard for the nutrients to reach the roots. In most cases, you only want to about a third of the total grass length off during a mow. Hiring professionals to mow and maintain your lawn can help you avoid these problems. The money paid for this professional assistance is worth it due to how great your grass will look.

Are you currently dealing with one or more of the problems mentioned in this article? If so, it is time to seek out the help of Oasis Lawn Service.