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Lawn Mowing Blunders That Can Damage Your Grass

by Steve on 07/23/21

Residential grass is the most irrigated crop in the United States. The more water your grass gets, the higher it will inevitably grow. Instead of allowing your grass to become an overgrown mess, you need to mow it regularly. Some homeowners fail to realize just how important and complex the grass mowing process is. One mowing mistake can jeopardize the health of your grass.

This is why you have to educate yourself when it comes to how to mow your grass properly. Below are some lawn mowing blunders you need to avoid if you want to keep your grass looking green and healthy.

Dull Blades Create Big Problems

A quality lawnmower will crank as soon as you turn the key over. Just because a lawnmower cranks and runs doesn’t mean all of the parts on it are functional. As time goes by, the blades on your lawnmower will start to become dull. Attempting to cut your grass with these dull blades can create lots of damage. These dull blades won’t cut the grass. They will instead rip it out by the roots, which can result in brown patches forming on your lawn.

If you don’t know how to sharpen or change your mower blades, it is probably time to call in professionals. Allowing Oasis Lawn Service to handle your mowing needs will help to ensure this job is performed correctly. We take great pride in the work we do and will go the extra mile to ensure you are happy with the mowing services we provide.

Don’t Cut Your Grass Too Short

There is a common misconception that if you cut grass really short, it prohibits you from having to cut it every week. In reality, cutting your grass too short can kill it off. This is why you have to be extremely careful regarding the length that you cut your grass. Ideally, you want to avoid taking off more than a third of the total length of the grass around your home.

Leaving long clippings on your lawn can also keep the grass from growing. The best way to keep your grass at the right length is by working with seasoned professionals. A lawn care expert will know how to cut your grass in a way that leaves it damage-free and looking great.

Failing To Leave Clippings on the Grass

Some people think that using a bag to catch the clippings from their grass is helpful. The truth is that without these clippings, your grass will be deprived of essential nutrients that help it grow. Leaving behind clippings as mulch is crucial when trying to keep your grass green and healthy. If you want to provide your grass with even more nutrients, hiring professionals to apply fertilizer a few times a year is a wise move.

If you are dealing with a yard full of lifeless brown grass, it is time to reach out for some professional assistance. With the help of Oasis Lawn Service, you can keep your grass looking great all year long.