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How To Care For Your Lawn

by Steve on 08/26/21

Even the smallest lawn needs care and attention. And, not too many people have huge properties with large lawns. However, wanting the lawn to look lush and healthy, regardless of the size, is common. A neglected lawn can be an eyesore and also be a breeding ground for pests and other disease carriers. Therefore, it is essential that you notice the earliest signs of a struggling lawn and find out the reasons why it is so.

Causes of a Neglected Lawn

There are a few common causes why your lawn is having problems and needs urgent care.

Weeds: A healthy lawn can soon become unhealthy with an overgrowth of weeds. This means regular weeding must be done.

Insufficient sunshine: Lawns need sunshine, just as other plants do. Keeping trees trimmed to allow enough sunshine to fall on the grass would help. Shade-resilient varieties of grass would also help.

Insufficient water: Watering the lawn will keep the grass healthy and green. Under-watering can cause them to become brown and wilt. Drought conditions are terrible for a lawn because they will compact the soil and make them throw up more weeds through the cracks. Choosing the right soil type depending on the region would be ideal.

Pests: Lawn pests are harmful as they take root in your yard and can also cause harm to pets and children. Pesticides need to be used judiciously so that they are non-toxic.

Lawn diseases: Fungus is common among lawn diseases. It is not necessarily caused by over-watering or under-watering. Only specific lawn treatments can eliminate the growth of fungus.

Poor mowing technique: You might think that all you need is a lawnmower, and your lawn is taken care of. But, the mower needs to be in good condition, with sharp blades to ensure cleaner cutting for an even appearance. Dull blades can rip the tops of the grass, leading to a longer time to heal.

Damage from animals: Moles can burrow into lawns, and the way to prevent them and voles from digging is to keep the soil balanced and healthy. Some areas may also have raccoons and skunks visiting, and they can damage the lawn quickly.

Concluding Remarks

Knowing that there are too many ways in which your lawn can be damaged is a start. Therefore, a wise homeowner will make use of lawn maintenance specialists. All they need is to find a firm that knows what they are doing and can provide affordable services.