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Are Your Products Safe For The Environment/Kids/Pets?

by Steve on 02/01/15

This is a difficult question to answer because "safe" means different things to different people. I think of safe as something that is truly benign. (Water, for instance). So, from my point of view, they are not truly safe.

Nor is salt, bleach, mouthwash, deodorant, a can of Raid, or any number of other products in your house safe. However, if used according to the label, they present virtually no risk to the homeowner, pets, or the environment.

The EPA sets the standard for our products and the threshold is quite high. The state also does a great deal to enforce these standards to minimize improper usage. This is done through training, licensing, insurance, as well as regular in field visits to businesses and applicators.

It is important to keep in mind that every product I use can be bought at your local hardware store. The irony is that the homeowner really can abuse these products however they want while professionals are held to strict standards.

In the bigger picture, it is estimated that over 70% of pesticides used are by farmers and that 85% of homeowners have at least one item containing pesticides in their home. ( I don't think we often appreciate their prevalence in our society.  

Lastly, I can assure you that if I felt that there was any significant risk due to these products, I would not have spent the last 25+ years in the industry. And I definitely would not have allowed my son to work for our business.

Of course, these are just my opinions and I would always encourage anyone who has concerns to do their research. With the Internet, there is an abundance of information to be had both promoting pesticides as necessary while others will speak to the risks involved. Take the time to be informed. It's important.       

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