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About Oasis Lawn Service
We are a locally owned and operated business that understands a succesful business is built around satisfied customers. That's why our number one priority is to provide superior service and results.

To do this, we simply treat your lawn as if it were our own. That means taking our time to identify the issues in your lawn and resolving them using the appropriate materials. It is also important to us to have a simple, easy to understand program and pricing.

This means no calls to sell you more products or treatments. We carry everything we need at the time we are at your home and treat accordingly. Grub control, insect control and fungicide (if needed), are already included.

We are so confident in our ability to do our part that we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. That's right. If you are unhappy with any application for any reason, we will refund the money you paid for that treatment. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about our service. If interested, please contact us today to get started on a greener, healthier lawn.


Steve Bailey and Tanner Bailey